Hoops After Dark

“They’re coming to get in on some great basketball…We’re letting them in on something much bigger.”


Hoops After Dark is a powerful outreach to youth in our north Minneapolis community. Our primary participants are urban young men between 13-18. A night of serious street ball is centered around teaching and testimonies of God’s saving grace.

At the most basic level, it serves to keep at-risk young men off the streets at a high-risk time, but the ultimate goal is to see youth redirect their lives toward God and with his power, overcome the daily challenges they face.


Hospitality House Youth Development has been serving the youth of north Minneapolis since 1960. Our mission is to inspire urban youth to lead an abundant life in Christ. We offer education, outreach, and athletic programs to over 1,000 urban youth annually; ministering to them holistically—head, heart, and body.

Hoops After Dark is both an athletic and an outreach program. Its leader, Rev. Hunter, is a pastor who knows what these men are living and has a powerful message of hope and salvation for them.


Our primary participants are high-risk African-American males. 44% of them are arrested every year, making them 27 times more likely to be arrested than their white counterparts. Just 37% graduate on time. And worst of all, they are twice as likely to die as white men ages 18 to 30.* *African American Men Project, 200
They need God—now


Friday nights, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Volunteers 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Hospitality House seeks the partnership of area churches, businesses, and individuals to provide program support through financial and physical assistance with the weekly meal and other aspects of the program.


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