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Urban Learning Center


Hospitality House’s Urban Learning Center (ULC) provides intensive academic support in a caring environment that builds self-esteem and confidence. Students develop skills in reading, writing, math and science. New technology including tablets and laptops further enrich the learning experience.Students learn valuable life skills including finance and communication.

Monday – Friday 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Fee: $60 Membership

Registration is closed until next school year.

Summer Spot


Hospitality House’s Summer Spot is a 10 week academic and interactive program spanning the summer. The program is available for grades K – 12th. This year, our Teen Program, Grades 8 – 12th, will participate in field trips, entrepreneurship classes, career exploration, spiritual growth, fitness and financial courses throughout the summer.

Registration is closed until next summer.

Teen Program


Hospitality House’s Teen Program offers a variety of age-appropriate groups and activities on a wide range of topics like finances, job readiness, social skills, and holding yourself accountable.

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*A yearly $60 fee is required for all programs. Summer Spot program subject to additional fees.