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We hope you’re enjoying watching all the college basketball games this month.

Here are some shots of future college basketball players from our teams at Hospitality House!

Building Boats
The 5th graders recently had the challenge to build a boat that could hold coins while learning about density and the Titanic.

On Monday we began with 2 water density experiments to learn if something will sink or float.

Tuesday students learned about how boats displace water to help them float. Students were given a “budget” so that they could purchase materials to build their boat.

On Wednesday, we did the first round of testing and discussed what worked and what didn’t. One student’s boat held 136 coins!

On Thursday the students then were given an unlimited budget to create another boat with the goal of holding more coins then their previous boat.

Every single boat held more coins on the next day. A student’s boat held 160 coins on this day!


Local Sportscaster Mike Max will be speaking at our upcoming Business Breakfast taking place on June 3rd, 2021 from 7-9am at the Edina Country Club. We’re planning on an in-person event…

Save the date as our invitations will be sent out soon!
As we travel through life we lose some connections and our memories seem to fade. We have fleeting glimpses back, but we are challenged to remember the full experience. So many times we want this to be a more vivid remembrance. It is human nature to lose connections and recollections of the past as time moves on and we live in the present.

We live in hopes that this year’s COVID-19 quarantines have not given you too much pause to lose your connective thoughts relative to our Christian-based mission at Hospitality House Youth Development in North Minneapolis (HHYD). We pray that it remains a vivid remembrance for you.

Your personal connective support has been a blessing to us – a treasure to us in our mission. Your support has so enhanced the lives of the many children that live below the poverty line, and who suffer every day by lacking the things that are so critical to a child’s stable growth and maturation.

With your financial support we have been able to raise the expectations of our kids, and their families, as to the possibilities it could lead to in the way of a stable, productive and constructive life in their futures.

Through your support we have been able to offer family nights and workshops on finances and parenting that have prompted increased interest and participation. We have a constructive teen program that encourages societal values and stability. We have increased both reading and math skills by 32% and 40% respectively in our academic programs. Our athletic program has taught the kids team sportsmanship and cooperative interaction – leading to two previous national championships. Several of our past students have entered college – we have felt blessed with this kind of progress.

There are so many obstacles involved with our mission, but with God’s good grace, and you’re remembering to keep these kids in your hearts, thoughts and prayers we can make further inroads into their development. We hope that you will continue to remember us and remain connected to us. It is so vital that these kids get every chance in life – we need your remembering and loving connection.

Please consider a monthly sustained donation of $50 dollars a month, or any amount that you feel that you can donate at this time. Please continue to keep thinking of us.

Thank you for your prayers and blessings.

Jon McCollum
Board Member since 2010

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